Beachcomber's Bounty Necklace

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The Beachcomber's Bounty Necklace is a charming coastal-inspired piece featuring textured fish and fishbone silhouette, artfully suspended from a delicate chain. Each silhouette showcases intricate detailing, capturing the essence of marine life and the whimsical beauty of the ocean. The textured surfaces reflect light, adding a subtle shimmer reminiscent of sunlit waves. Perfect for ocean lovers, this necklace evokes the serene ambiance of a beachcomber's paradise. Whether layered with other pieces or worn alone, the Beachcomber's Bounty Necklace brings a playful yet elegant touch to any ensemble, celebrating the enchanting treasures of the sea.

Metal- Recycled Bronze

Plating- 14k Premium Gold Plating

Length- 16+2.5 (Extender) Inch

This product is not engravable

1. Gold Vermeil- A thick layer of 18K Solid Gold over Sterling Silver/ Brass
2. Silver- Mirror polished 925 Sterling Silver
3. Black Rhodium- Black Rhodium over Sterling Silver/ Brass.
On top of these platings all our pieces are E-Coated. Why we do this: Superior Corrosion Resistance, Environmentally Friendly, Increased Durability & Skin Friendly
We design and craft hand-finished recycled precious metal in both our sterling silver and brass jewelry.
We only source ethically ensuring each and every stone is set with precision by hand.
Our manufacturing has been approved by SEDEX, the world’s best ethical manufacturing compliance agency. Our focus of manufacturing is not only the environment, from which we accrue our resources, but also the employees who are the foundational blocks of our entire brand. We are revered, in the trade, for adopting the latest technological advances, incorporating moral, ethical, and ecological practices into the day-to-day functioning of the company.
We manufacture with techniques that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and economical.
We work in-house and our unit has a team of over 250 talented artisans that handcraft each and every element of our pieces.

All Arvino pieces are protected with an anti-tarnish barrier. In order to maximize the life of your ARVINO jewelry, we suggest following the below care instructions:

1. With time and wear, Sterling Silver Jewelry gets oxidized and eventually tarnish. Please store the jewelry in Arvino Pouch to avoid tarnishing while not using the jewelry.

2. Preserve your jewelry's plating properties by avoiding contact with cleaning agents, beauty products, water, chemicals and sanitizers. 

3. Remove jewelry prior to exercise or swimming. 

4. Keep the chains lock fastened to avoid tangling. 



    We offer a 3 Years Warranty on all our pieces. Please note that in order for the warranty to be valid, customers need to follow the above given instructions. 




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