Our Story

Like every person, Arvino, the brand, has many layers to it.

As a sustainable, designer jewellery brand that’s made for the stylish and
passionate it embodies all things fashionable. But at its heart, it has another
story—of its founder, Arvind. A visionary designer himself, Arvind had
promised his mother the gift of the finest gold jewellery, something she had
always longed for. It was from this conviction that Arvino was born, with the
purpose of making fine jewellery more accessible. To be universally appealing yet singular in its design aesthetic, to appeal to individual tastes yet be suitable for every lifestyle, to be as distinct as wearable art yet be appropriate for everyday wear—this is what makes Arvino unique.

We believe in the beauty of purposeful imperfections, where jewellery transcends mere adornment to celebrate individuality, with textures and design principles as exceptional as the people who wear them. Arvino celebrates and helps you express yourself—what makes you feel confident, what brings you joy and most importantly, what makes you, you. So go ahead and flaunt your love for layers—from the layers of your jewellery to the unique layers of your personality.

Love, your layers.