Sustainability: Our Path, Processes and Promise.

Based on the foundation of never over burdening our environment for its resources, it is our solemn duty to produce products which aren’t only timeless as an accessory but also are contributing towards the perennial nature of Earth. The same way an ocean is the culmination of innumerable tiny droplets of water, every little bit counts when it comes to caring for our planet.

Keeping our planetary home and people in mind, we are constantly trying to find ways to improve our processes and manufacturing to become more sustainable.

We are proud members of The Responsible Jewellery Council. "United by a shared belief that responsible business is good business, we are working together to create a globally sustainable future for our industry." - RJC

Our manufacturing has been approved by SEDEX, the world’s best ethical manufacturing compliance agency. Our focus of manufacturing is not only the environment, from which we accrue our resources, but also the employees who are the foundational blocks of our entire brand. We manufacture with techniques that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and economical.

We are revered, in the trade, for adopting the latest technological advances, incorporating moral, ethical, and ecological practices into the day-to-day functioning of the company.

It is important for us to preserve the Earth from which we gather our resources, for it is to be left for the future generations of designers and creatives to not only take inspiration from but also utilise them sustainably for their own art. We accomplish this by using processes like in-house waste treatment, vacuum suction machines to pick up metal dust, effluent treatment plants and using recycled metals. All of these processes aid us in protecting the environment and minimizing any untoward effect manufacturing of jewelry might have on it.

Our belief in the coexistence of fashion and sustainability pushes us to produce products that are socially and environmentally beneficial to all—our clients, our artisans and the earth. Our responsibility towards people, employed in our supply chain, and the environment where we get our materials from are the driving force behind our commitment to achieve a long-term sustainable standard in the industry. You read our Social Compliance Policy Mandate on Our Philosophy page.