Our belief in the coexistence of fashion and sustainability pushes us to produce products that are socially and environmentally beneficial to all—our clients, our artisans and the earth. Our responsibility towards people, employed in our supply chain, and the environment where we get our materials from are the driving force behind our commitment to achieve a long-term sustainable standard in the industry.


Here is a brief overview of ARVINO’s Social Compliance Policy:

  1. We follow all national laws while operating & conducting activities in our Factory.

  2. We provide all employees with a written code of conduct, stipulating the employment terms and conditions, to ensure that all workers are aware of their legal rights and obligations.

  3. We do not allow Child labor.

  4. We focus on providing a safe environment, conducive to the health of our employees by providing Safe Building, Fire Safety, and the Presence of trained staff for First Aid Treatment in case of an accident.

  5. For our responsibility towards the environment, we focus on proper Handling of Chemicals, efficient Water Management and Wastewater Treatment & Waste Management.

  6. For the improvement of the society, we have installed the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) for the Waste Water to reduce the pollution emission. We ensure that all the water we discharge is adequately treated to zero down the polluting chemicals from it.

The way in which a piece of jewelry represents the person adorning it, we believe that it is beyond just a minor accessory—it also reflects the thoughts, principles and aspirations of the brand behind its production.