Established in 1992, ARVINO stands on the cornerstones of trust, expertise, transparency, and honesty. We are proud of our ethical manufacturing practices, approved by SEDEX, the world’s leading ethical compliance agency.

Our commitment extends beyond the environment from which we source our materials to our dedicated employees, the backbone of our brand. Renowned for integrating the latest technological advances, we uphold moral, ethical, and ecological standards in all our operations.

As proud members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, the premier standard-setting organization for the jewellery and watch industry, we uphold standards that ensure trust in the global jewellery supply chain.

We employ sustainable, environmentally friendly, and economical manufacturing techniques. We believe in the coexistence of aesthetic beauty and sustainability, striving to protect the environment while producing our products.

Preserving the Earth for future generations of designers and creatives is paramount. We achieve this through processes like in-house waste treatment, vacuum suction machines for metal dust collection, effluent treatment plants, and the use of recycled metals. These efforts help minimize the environmental impact of jewellery manufacturing.

Our expertise spans a wide range of manufacturing processes and materials, including enamel jewellery, all types of gold, 925 sterling silver, brass, and German alloy metals. We also produce items using leather, threads, and resins.

Our plating capabilities are extensive and competitive, offering micron gold plating, flash gold plating, dye gold plating, and 925 sterling silver plating in various textures—gloss, matte, sparkle, or dusted.

Unlike Jack, we master all trades, excelling in every aspect of production and manufacture. We are not only a brand but also a capable manufacturing partner for brands worldwide.

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