Arvino Sparks Hope Of A Better Tomorrow For The Unprivileged.

"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention." 
—Oscar Wilde

When was the last time you felt something for the very first time? An awe-inspiring moment that almost made you pinch yourself to make sure this wasn’t a dream! The fast-paced hustling culture has preoccupied us with living the so-called busy lives that we happen to miss out on multitudes of marvels. We, at Arvino, have always taken the pleasure to create jewellery pieces that are way more than mere fashion. Something that moves, engages, amazes, and makes you feel more alive. 

Something that truly inspires. And this time we have quite done it literally but in a different way. Team Arvino is ecstatic to announce our association with the benevolent Hope Foundation. With a team of over 550 passionate volunteers working on the ground in India, HOPE provides a dynamic and forceful response to providing underprivileged communities with sustainable and positive change in their lives. Since its inception in 1999, the Hope Foundation has worked tirelessly to support, protect and educate more than 3 million street-connected children, and slum communities, with more than 60 programmes in areas including child protection, education, healthcare, vocational training, capacity building, and emergency response. All because it should never hurt to be a child.

A little share of every sale we make will now contribute to bringing smiles to underprivileged children. So hoard carefree when you shop with us, for you are providing for a cause. Our association with Hope is surely a win-win for both the parties and all the stakeholders involved. The partnership will help the foundation reach more children by scaling the operations and giving them a better tomorrow. It truly feels great to be able to share the pain and it is all possible because of you. 

We completely understand the moral responsibility we hold towards the environment and society. It’s definitely a long road, and this new partnership is surely a semi-milestone we want to celebrate, not without you. 

However, we believe it's still the beginning. Our mission to be a contemporary yet sustainable jewellery brand is massive. But, hey! Directly proportional is our determination to make a change. Passionately committed to pushing ourselves and our industry to build a better tomorrow, we are also progressively working on sourcing metals consciously, making responsibly with sustainability practices, employing more women crafters, opting for recyclable packaging, and carbon neutral delivery.