Design, Data and Inspiration behind the Brand

ARVINO designs jewelry with the distinct idea that they become an intrinsic part of your personal style. Jewelry designs that resonate with the wearer and moreover encourage them to freely & fully express themselves. Our design philosophy is to constantly evolve with the woman of the day guiding and dictating the path we want to travel with her.

Women have always been our main source of inspiration, and design motivation. There's no force like ambitious women paving their own path in the journey of life, our brand just becomes a small modicum of aesthetic support in her big picture. We embrace the multiple, intersecting and intertwined forces behind the idea of femininity that tend to pull us in different dimensions in the search of a balance. The balance between confidence, sensuality, sophistication and ambition. Behind all the questioning of social norms and conventions laid out by society, trying to explore what womanhood means to each individual, we wish to do our bit by designing jewelry that she would like to have by her side. Because we, at ARVINO, know that this expression is larger than ourselves or a brand.

By eschewing the rules and providing a sense of validation in their own definition of sophistication, ARVINO aims to revolutionise the way the world sees jewelry worn by women, pushing boundaries of convention, adapting into uncharted territories of style, metal, plating and expression. And we are passionate about transforming your accessory wardrobe with the pieces that let your creativity guide you, more than anything or anyone else!

In the spirit of the brand lies the adventure of travel, architecture and self-discovery which, our Founder, Arvind Agarwal aspires for the wearer to witness. The spirit which encourages the celebration of who you are and who you aspire to become. Minimalist essentials with a twist so you can be bold and shine through your own light.