Chronicling Timelessness: Our Story

ARVINO started from humble beginnings. We were founded by Arvind Agarwal in 2001 when he noticed a void in the market for affordable, good quality jewellery. Yet, our story starts back in 1992.

Arvind began designing, manufacturing and marketing jewellery all from his little shop in the pink city, Jaipur. At the heart of everything was his passion to provide jewellery not just as an accessory but also as an expression of their individuality. Under the mentorship of regarded Mexican & American jewelry makers he built a manufacturing company to support his ambition of producing good quality jewelry. 

With his jewelry export business flourishing, a budding global clientele and an industry leader in jewelry manufacturing, Arvind saw his designs being showcased in huge departmental stores, the name of his products being associated with massive bespoke luxury and chain brands. It was time to make a choice, use experience garnered from over a decade, and build a brand that guides and supports the aesthetic expression of people in their lives.  

Arvind quickly built momentum in the jewellery industry, winning the reputable New York Fashion Week Rising Designers in 2002, showcasing his craft to the world on a global platform. Between life having its meanders, ARVINO took a backseat, until 2019. 

We are now more than just a jewellery brand - we are a movement. Inspiring a community of people to celebrate themselves, express themselves, empower each other, flourish in their individuality and diversity. The sense of sophistication brought, not from the conventions of society but, from the freedom to express oneself. The timeless style brought from validating oneself for who they are and whom they want to be. The ethereal symphony of courage, confidence and self-love. 

Our every collection is the creation of a new world for the contemporary woman who is style-conscious, independent, and unapologetically herself. Our overarching vision is to bring contemporary designed jewellery to everyone. We wish to make contemporary luxury accessible where we want everyone to build their wardrobe around who they are, and we exist to help them traverse through this journey. 

We are ARVINO.

Crafting Jewellery Transcending Trends and Time.