“There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.”

Women have been the main source of inspiration & ambition both in our branding and behind the scenes! And thus, Arvino is proud to have employed and empowered over 70 female workers, engaged directly in the factory—making our pieces designed by women, for women. We know, and believe, that empowered women empower women. Behind all the questioning of social norms and conventions laid out by society and trying to explore what womanhood means to each individual, we wish to do our bit by designing jewelry that she would like to have by her side.

We, at ARVINO, know that this expression is larger than ourselves or a brand. Women hold up half the sky and it is crucial to us that we do our bit in providing women with the opportunity to be two things—to be who SHE wants and what SHE wants. These opportunities aren’t about making women strong—they already are!—it’s about changing the way their strength and courage is perceived. And the women working at Arvino, whether it be our artisans, advertisers, assistants or administrators—they are all generous enough to have gracefully allowed us to draw determination and strength from their vision and courage. The women of Arvino, much like the women of the world, don’t just face and overcome challenges—they look challenges dead in the eye and wink.